Early entry candidates for 2010 NBA Draft

NEW YORK – The National Basketball Association announced today that 103 players, including 80 players from U.S. colleges and 23 international players, have filed as early entry candidates for the 2010 NBA Draft.

Players wishing to enter the 2010 NBA Draft were required to submit a letter to the NBA to be received no later than Sunday, April 25. Players who have applied for early entry have the right to withdraw their names from consideration for the Draft by notifying the NBA of their decision in writing no later than 5 p.m. ET on Monday, June 14.

Following is the list of players from U.S. colleges and institutions who have applied for early entry into the 2010 NBA Draft, which will be held Thursday, June 24, at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City:


Player                                     School                                  Height                            Status

Solomon Alabi                         Florida State                             7-1                               Sophomore

Cole Aldrich                            Kansas                                     6-11                             Junior

Lavoy Allen                             Temple                                     6-9                               Junior

Al-Farouq Aminu                    Wake Forest                             6-9                               Sophomore

James Anderson                      Oklahoma State                                   6-6                               Junior

Kevin Anderson                      Richmond                                6-0                               Junior

Luke Babbitt                            Nevada                                                6-9                               Sophomore

Armon Bassett                         Ohio                                        6-2                               Junior

Talor Battle                              Penn State                                6-0                               Junior

Keith Benson                           Oakland                                   6-11                             Junior

Eric Bledsoe                            Kentucky                                 6-1                               Freshman

Anatoly Bose                           Nicholls State                           6-6                               Junior

Dee Bost                                  Mississippi State                      6-2                               Sophomore

Craig Brackins                         Iowa State                                6-10                             Junior

Avery Bradley                         Texas                                       6-2                               Freshman

Carlon Brown                          Utah                                         6-5                               Junior

Derrick Caracter                      UTEP                                       6-9                               Junior

DeMarcus Cousins                   Kentucky                                 6-11                             Freshman

Jordan Crawford                      Xavier                                      6-4                               Sophomore

Ed Davis                                  North Carolina                         6-10                             Sophomore

Mike Davis                              Illinois                                     6-9                               Junior

Paul Davis                               Winston-Salem State                6-9                               Junior

Malcolm Delaney                    Virginia Tech                           6-3                               Junior

Devin Ebanks                          West Virginia                           6-9                               Sophomore

Kenneth Faried                                    Morehead State                                    6-8                               Junior

Derrick Favors                         Georgia Tech                           6-10                             Freshman

Courtney Fortson                     Arkansas                                  5-11                             Sophomore

Jimmer Fredette                                   BYU                                        6-2                               Junior

Keith “Tiny” Gallon                Oklahoma                                6-9                               Freshman

Charles Garcia                         Seattle                                      6-10                             Junior

Paul George                             Fresno State                             6-8                               Sophomore

Anthony Gurley                                   Massachusetts                          6-3                               Junior

Manny Harris                           Michigan                                  6-5                               Junior

Gordon Hayward                     Butler                                       6-9                               Sophomore

Jeremy Hazell                          Seton Hall                                6-5                               Junior

Xavier Henry                           Kansas                                     6-6                               Freshman

Darington Hobson                   New Mexico                            6-7                               Junior

Adnan Hodzic                         Lipscomb                                 6-8                               Junior

Armon Johnson                                   Nevada                                                6-3                               Junior

JaJuan Johnson                                    Purdue                                     6-10                             Junior

Ravern Johnson                                   Mississippi State                      6-7                               Junior

Wesley Johnson                                   Syracuse                                  6-7                               Junior

Cameron Jones                                    Northern Arizona                     6-4                               Junior

Dominique Jones                     South Florida                           6-4                               Junior

Mac Koshwal                           DePaul                                     6-10                             Junior

Sylven Landesberg                  Virginia                                    6-6                               Sophomore

Gani Lawal                              Georgia Tech                           6-9                               Junior

Kenny Lawson                                    Creighton                                 6-9                               Junior

Tommy Mason-Griffin                        Oklahoma                                5-11                             Freshman

Demetri McCamey                   Illinois                                     6-3                               Junior

Elijah Millsap                           Alabama-Birmingham              6-6                               Junior

Greg Monroe                           Georgetown                             6-10                             Sophomore

E’Twaun Moore                       Purdue                                     6-4                               Junior

Arnett Moultrie                       UTEP                                       6-11                             Sophomore

A.J. Ogilvy                              Vanderbilt                                6-11                             Junior

Daniel Orton                            Kentucky                                 6-10                             Freshman

Patrick Patterson                      Kentucky                                 6-9                               Junior

Rico Pickett                             Manhattan                                6-4                               Junior

Eniel Polynice                          Mississippi                               6-5                               Junior

Herb Pope                                Seton Hall                                6-8                               Sophomore

Jeff Robinson                          Seton Hall                                6-6                               Junior

Samardo Samuels                    Louisville                                 6-9                               Sophomore

Larry Sanders                          Virginia Commonwealth          6-11                             Junior

John Sloan                               Huntingdon (AL)                     5-11                             Junior

Tracy Smith                             North Carolina State                6-8                               Junior

Lance Stephenson                    Cincinnati                                6-5                               Freshman

Lazar Trifunovic                      Radford                                   6-8                               Junior

Evan Turner                             Ohio State                                6-7                               Junior

Alex Tyus                                Florida                                     6-8                               Junior

Ekpe Udoh                              Baylor                                      6-10                             Junior

John Wall                                Kentucky                                 6-4                               Freshman

Willie Warren                          Oklahoma                                6-4                               Sophomore

Quinton Watkins                      San Diego State                                    6-3                               Freshman

C.J. Webster                            San Jose State                          6-9                               Junior

Terrico White                           Mississippi                               6-5                               Sophomore

Hassan Whiteside                    Marshall                                   7-0                               Freshman

Elliot Williams                         Memphis                                  6-5                               Sophomore

Stevy Worah-Ozimo                Slippery Rock                          6-8                               Junior

Chris Wright                            Dayton                                     6-8                               Junior

Jahmar Young                         New Mexico State                    6-5                               Junior


The following is the list of international players who have applied for early entry into the 2010 NBA Draft:

Player                                     Team/Country*                   Height                           Status

Pablo Aguilar                           Granada (Spain)                       6-8                               1989 DOB

Andrew Albicy                                    Paris-Levallois (France)                       5-10                             1990 DOB

Robin Benzing                         Ratiopharm Ulm (Germany)    6-10                             1989 DOB

Stefan Bircevic                                    Metalac (Serbia)                       6-10                             1989 DOB

Bojan Bogdanovic                   Cibona (Croatia)                      6-8                               1989 DOB

Sarra Camara                           Le Havre (France)                    6-9                               1989 DOB

Antoine Diot                            Le Mans (France)                     6-3                               1989 DOB

Bangaly Fofana                                   ASVEL (France)                      7-0                               1989 DOB

Miralem Halilovic                    Sloboda Dita (Bosnia)              6-9                               1991 DOB

Thomas Heurtel                                   Strasbourg (France)                  6-2                               1989 DOB

Edwin Jackson                         Rouen (France)                                    6-3                               1989 DOB

Dusan Korac                            Centar (Montenegro)                6-11                             1991 DOB

Mindaugas Kuzminskas                       Siauliai (Lithuania)                  6-9                               1989 DOB

Luc Louves                              Maurienne (France)                 6-10                             1989 DOB

Uros Lukovic                           Radnicki Basket (Serbia)         7-0                               1989 DOB

Donatas Motiejunas                 Benetton Treviso (Italy)                       7-0                               1990 DOB

Tomasz Nowakowski              Luka Koper (Slovenia)                        6-10                             1990 DOB

Tibor Pleiss                              Brose Baskets (Germany)        7-0                               1989 DOB

Xavier Rabaseda                      FC Barcelona (Spain)               6-7                               1989 DOB

Fernando Raposo                     Pau Orthez (France)                 6-9                               1989 DOB

Ryan Richards                         Gran Canaria (Spain)               7-0                               1991 DOB

Kevin Sèraphin                        Cholet (France)                          6-9                               1989 DOB

Semen Shashkov                     Ural Ekaterinburg (Russia)       6-7                               1989 DOB

*Country indicates where team plays, not country of nationality.