Basketball Africa League announces 12 teams and game schedule for league’s 2022 season tipping off March 5

DAKAR, SENEGAL – The Basketball Africa League (BAL) today announced the top 12 club teams from 12 African countries that will compete in the 2022 BAL season, which will tip off Saturday, March 5 at the Dakar Arena in Dakar, Senegal, and will include stops in Cairo, Egypt and Kigali, Rwanda.  In the season opener, Senegal’s Dakar Université Club (DUC) will take on Guinea’s Seydou Legacy Athlétique Club (S.L.A.C) at 5:30 p.m. GMT in the first of 38 games taking place across three cities over three months in 2022.

The 12 teams, which include defending BAL Champion Zamalek (Egypt) and four other teams returning from the inaugural BAL season in 2021, will be divided into two conferences – the Sahara Conference and the Nile Conference.  Each conference will play a 15-game group phase during which each team will face the other five teams in its conference once.  The Sahara Conference’s group phase will take place at the Dakar Arena from March 5-15, and the Nile Conference’s group phase will take place at Hassan Mostafa Indoor Sports Complex in Cairo from April 9-19.  The top four teams from each conference will qualify for the BAL Playoffs, which will feature a single-elimination tournament and Finals at Kigali Arena from May 21-28.  The 2022 BAL season will reach fans in more than 200 countries and territories.  Fans can register their interest in tickets and in receiving more information at

AS Salé (Association Sportive Salé)* – Morocco BC Espoir Fukash – Democratic Republic of the Congo
DUC (Dakar Université Club) – Senegal Cape Town Tigers – South Africa
Ferroviário da Beira or CFV – Beira (Clube Ferroviário da Beira) – Mozambique Cobra Sport (Cobra Sports Club) – South Sudan
REG (Rwanda Energy Group) (REG) – Rwanda F.A.P (Forces Armeés et Police Basketball)* – Cameroon
S.L.A.C (Seydou Legacy Athlétique Club) – Guinea Petro de Luanda (Clube Atlético Petroleos de Luanda)* – Angola
US Monastir (Union Sportive Monastirienne)* – Tunisia Zamalek* (2021 BAL Champion) – Egypt

*Returning team from inaugural BAL season

“We are thrilled to welcome seven new teams and four new countries into the second season of the BAL,” said BAL President Amadou Gallo Fall.  “Defending Champion Zamalek will anchor the five returning teams, after representing the BAL in the FIBA Intercontinental Cup this month in Cairo.  The competition to bring home the 2022 BAL Championship Trophy is heating up, and we are excited that more fans will have an opportunity to watch the games live in three world-class African cities.  To BAL fans across the continent and around the world – Game On!”

“We are excited for the tip off of this highly anticipated season two of the BAL,” said FIBA Africa and BAL Board President Anibal Manave.  “The Road to BAL 2022, which was successfully completed at the end of last year, provided fans with some exciting close games and captivating action.  We are optimistic that this expanded BAL season will be a huge success.”

Champions from the national leagues in Angola, Egypt, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal and Tunisia earned their participation in the 2022 BAL season by winning their respective national leagues.  The remaining six teams, which come from Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Mozambique, South Africa and South Sudan, secured their participation through the Road to BAL qualifying tournaments conducted by FIBA Regional Office Africa across the continent from October to December 2021.

New Fortress Energy (NFE), Rwanda Development Board (RDB), NIKE, Jordan Brand and Wilson will return as BAL Foundational Partners.  The league’s roster of world-class marketing partners also includes Flutterwave and Hennessy.

 On May 30, Zamalek defeated US Monastir 76-63 to win the inaugural BAL Championship, which took place at Kigali Arena and was broadcast to fans in 215 countries and territories in 15 languages.

Below is the complete 2022 BAL season game schedule.  Additional details about the 2022 BAL season will be announced in the coming weeks.


3/5/2022 Saturday DUC S.L.A.C G1 5:30pm 12:30pm
3/6/2022 Sunday REG AS Salé G2 2:00pm 9:00am
3/6/2022 Sunday US Monastir CFV – Beira G3 5:30pm 12:30pm
3/8/2022 Tuesday S.L.A.C US Monastir G4 5:30pm 12:30pm
3/8/2022 Tuesday CFV – Beira DUC G5 9:00pm 4:00pm
3/9/2022 Wednesday REG S.L.A.C G6 5:30pm 12:30pm
3/9/2022 Wednesday AS Salé CFV – Beira G7 9:00pm 4:00pm
3/11/2022 Friday AS Salé US Monastir G8 5:30pm 12:30pm
3/11/2022 Friday DUC REG G9 9:00pm 4:00pm
3/12/2022 Saturday S.L.A.C CFV – Beira G10 2:00pm 9:00am
3/12/2022 Saturday US Monastir DUC G11 5:30pm 12:30pm
3/14/2022 Monday REG US Monastir G12 5:30pm 1:30pm
3/14/2022 Monday AS Salé S.L.A.C G13 9:00pm 5:00pm
3/15/2022 Tuesday CFV – Beira REG G14 5:30pm 1:30pm
3/15/2022 Tuesday DUC AS Salé G15 9:00pm 5:00pm
4/9/2022 Saturday Zamalek Cobra Sport G16 8:00pm 2:00pm
4/10/2022 Sunday F.A.P Espoir Fukash G17 6:30pm 12:30pm
4/10/2022 Sunday Cape Town Petro de Luanda G18 10:00pm 4:00pm
4/12/2022 Tuesday Petro de Luanda Cobra Sport G19 6:30pm 12:30pm
4/12/2022 Tuesday Cape Town Zamalek G20 10:00pm 4:00pm
4/13/2022 Wednesday Cobra Sport Espoir Fukash G21 6:30pm 12:30pm
4/13/2022 Wednesday F.A.P Cape Town G22 10:00pm 4:00pm
4/15/2022 Friday Cobra Sport Cape Town G23 6:30pm 12:30pm
4/15/2022 Friday Zamalek Petro de Luanda G24 10:00pm 4:00pm
4/16/2022 Saturday Petro de Luanda F.A.P G25 6:30pm 12:30pm
4/16/2022 Saturday Espoir Fukash Zamalek G26 10:00pm 4:00pm
4/18/2022 Monday Petro de Luanda Espoir Fukash G27 6:30pm 12:30pm
4/18/2022 Monday F.A.P Cobra Sport G28 10:00pm 4:00pm
4/19/2022 Tuesday Espoir Fukash Cape Town G29 6:30pm 12:30pm
4/19/2022 Tuesday Zamalek F.A.P G30 10:00pm 4:00pm
5/21/2022 Saturday Seed 1 Sahara Seed 4 Nile G31 1:30pm 7:30am
5/21/2022 Saturday Seed 2 Nile Seed 3 Sahara G32 6:00pm 12:00pm
5/22/2022 Sunday Seed 1 Nile Seed 4 Sahara G33 1:30pm 7:30am
5/22/2022 Sunday Seed 2 Sahara Seed 3 Nile G34 6:00pm 12:00pm
5/25/2022 Wednesday W31 W32 G35* 6:00pm 12:00pm
5/25/2022 Wednesday W33 W34 G36* 9:30pm 3:30pm
5/27/2022 Friday L35 L36 G37* 6:00pm 12:00pm
5/28/2022 Saturday W35 W36 G38* 6:00pm 12:00pm

G35* – G38* => highest-seeded team will be home team