Headspace, NBA and WNBA launch co-branded Performance Mindset category within the meditation and mindfulness app

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Headspace, one of the world’s leading meditation and mindfulness apps, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) announced today the launch of “Performance Mindset”, the first co-branded category to ever appear in the Headspace app.  The category was created to provide Headspace members and NBA and WNBA fans with the inspiration and tools to develop a mindset to achieve their performance goals.  The app contains content that outlines four key pillars of building a Performance Mindset: Focus, Confidence, Resilience, and Managing Pressure.

Each pillar features a video interview with an NBA or WNBA player sharing their personal experiences in building that aspect of a Performance Mindset, the role meditation has played, and the impact it has had on both their game and personal life. Players include:

  • Sue Bird, three-time WNBA Champion and 11-time WNBA All-Star and point guard for the Seattle Storm
  • Kyle Kuzma, 2019 MTN DEW ICE Rising Star MVP and forward for the Los Angeles Lakers
  • Nneka Ogwumike, 2016 WNBA MVP and WNBA Champion for the Los Angeles Sparks
  • Ricky Rubio, point guard for the Utah Jazz

Performance Mindset also shares advice from Andy Puddicombe, Headspace’s meditation expert and co-founder, along with 16 curated meditation courses.  This new co-branded category is meant to inspire and support members to proactively work on their mental fitness as a way to achieve their goals, whether the goal is to run a faster race or manage the pressure of public speaking.  This is the first time live-action video and photography featuring athletes and a third-party partner are incorporated into the Headspace app. Performance Mindset can be found within the app’s Explore tab and will be part of June’s Featured Collection.

“It is well known that we can proactively train our bodies and improve our physical fitness, but there is much less awareness on how we can look after our minds to improve our mental fitness,” said Lindsay Shaffer, Head of Sport at Headspace.  “The mind plays a crucial role in pursuing our goals.  While meditation is great for stress and anxiety relief, it is equally as valuable in building the mental skills necessary to achieve our goals.  Performance Mindset combines the influence of the NBA and WNBA with the expertise and accessibility of Headspace to inspire, guide and support our members and fans to build their mental fitness and unlock their full potential.”

“Our collaboration with Headspace continues to support the NBA’s work to encourage everyone to take their mental health just as seriously as their physical health,” said Kathy Behrens, NBA President, Social Responsibility and Player Programs.  “The new performance mindset category will be a great tool for athletes and fans, and anyone looking to take their wellness to the next level.”

This co-branded category is part of a multi-year extension of the NBA and Headspace’s partnership that first launched in February 2018, which brought meditation to the NBA by providing all league and team employees across the NBA, WNBA, NBA G League and NBA 2K League with access to Headspace’s popular app.

To learn more about the partnership and explore the content, please visit www.headspace.com/NBA.