Ignite unveils electric new brand identity

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. NBA G League Ignite today unveiled its new brand identity, which is inspired by the groundbreaking and electric nature of its top prospects.

Developed in partnership with Rare Design, the new identity introduces a refreshed color palette, updated wordmarks and, for the first time since the team’s inception in 2020, a global logo and primary icon for the first-of-its-kind NBA Draft preparation program. A new court design and updated uniforms will also be revealed in advance of the 2022-23 season.

“As a first-of-its-kind program, it has become increasingly important that NBA G League Ignite has a brand that communicates exactly what this groundbreaking team represents for the NBA G League and its fans,” said NBA G League head of marketing Jasmine Lipford. “The young men who join Ignite choose to forge a new path — one that helps them realize and unleash their potential, shocks the system and ignites the game. We’re thrilled to bring that trailblazing spirit to life with a new logo, icon and color scheme that are creative representations of the team’s ambition and promise.”

The updated color palette features Ignite Purple, an electric shade fit for the ethos of the team, while maintaining the legacy of the NBA G League’s black and white colors.

Ignite’s global logo features a basketball splintered in half by a lightning bolt. The basketball remains unfinished as a nod to the developmental aspect of the Ignite program. The new font system uses a futuristic typeface to symbolize the next generation of NBA stars.

Both the color and logos were inspired in part by the weather phenomenon known as Saint Elmo’s Fire, an ethereal discharge of charged particles of light that glow purple and blue and can be seen during stormy conditions.

To celebrate the new brand, Ignite is launching its #ShockTheSystem campaign on social media.  Fans can purchase the brand new official merchandise at teamigniteshop.com.