Record 25 current and former NBA players medal at 2012 Olympics

NEW YORK – A record 25 current and former NBA players wore medals around their necks when the United States, Spain, and Russia stood on the medal stand at the 2012 Summer Olympics this past Sunday in London.  The gold medal game alone featured 20 current and former players.

At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, 24 current and former NBA players were on the medal stand and 16 current and former players won medals at the 2004 Games in Athens.

Twelve NBA teams were represented on the medal stand, with the Western Conference Finals champion Oklahoma City Thunder having the most with four players.  Three players from the Minnesota Timberwolves collected medals as did two players each from the Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Lakers, and New York Knicks.  Seven NBA teams had one Olympic medalist.

When the tournament tipped off on Sunday, July 29, rosters featured a record 41 current NBA players from 21 different NBA teams.  Eleven of the 12 national teams competing featured at least one current NBA player, with France as the international country with the most with six.

The following is a complete list of current and former NBA Players who won 2012 medals:

COUNTRY                            NBA PLAYER                       NBA TEAM

Russia                                  Viktor Khryapa                       Former Player

Andrei Kirilenko                    Minnesota Timberwolves

Sergey Monya                        Former Player

Timofey Mozgov                    Denver Nuggets

Alexey Shved                         Minnesota Timberwolves


Spain                                    Jose Calderon                         Toronto Raptors

Victor Claver                          Portland Trail Blazers

Rudy Fernandez                      Former Player

Marc Gasol                             Memphis Grizzlies

Pau Gasol                                Los Angeles Lakers

Serge Ibaka                             Oklahoma City Thunder

Juan Carlos Navarro               Former Player

Sergio Rodriguez                    Former Player



Carmelo Anthony                   New York Knicks

Kobe Bryant                           Los Angeles Lakers

Tyson Chandler                      New York Knicks

Anthony Davis                        New Orleans Hornets

Kevin Durant                          Oklahoma City Thunder

James Harden                         Oklahoma City Thunder

Andre Iguodala                       Denver Nuggets

LeBron James                         Miami Heat

Kevin Love                             Minnesota Timberwolves

Chris Paul                               Los Angeles Clippers

Russell Westbrook                 Oklahoma City Thunder

Deron Williams                      Brooklyn Nets