NBA 2K League announces schedule for “The Turn”

NEW YORK –  The NBA 2K League today announced the game schedule for its second tournament of the season, “THE TURN,” scheduled for June 8-9. All games will be streamed live on Twitch and take place from the NBA 2K League Studio Powered by Intel in New York City.

The single-elimination tournament tips off on Friday, June 8 with a play-in game for the 16th and 17th seeds, which will be immediately followed by eight games featuring the 1st-15th seeds and winner of the play-in game. Friday’s winners will advance, and eight teams will compete on Saturday with the goal of making it to the championship game at 6 p.m. ET. Seeding was determined by a team’s performance during the four weeks of regular-season games preceding “THE TURN.”

The winner of “THE TURN” will earn half of the $150,000 prize pool, with the remainder being awarded to the second to eighth place teams (first place – $75,600; second place – $24,800; third and fourth place – $12,800; fifth-eighth place – $6,000).

In addition to prize money, each team who wins a tournament will take home a coveted steel champion banner – with the goal of collecting all three banners that link together to form THE BANNER CHAIN. With their victory at THE TIPOFF in May, 76ers GC took home the first portion of THE BANNER CHAIN.

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Friday June 8 Home Away
2 p.m. (Play-in Game) Raptors Uprising GC (16) Pacers Gaming (17)
3 p.m. 76ers GC (2) Grizz Gaming (15)
4 p.m. Blazer5 Gaming (1) Winner of Play-in Game
5 p.m. Mavs Gaming (3) Bucks Gaming (14)
6 p.m. Pistons GT (4) Warriors Gaming Squad (13)
7 p.m. Cavs Legion GC (5) Knicks Gaming (12)
8 p.m. Jazz Gaming (6) Celtics Crossover Gaming (11)
9 p.m. Wizards District Gaming (7) Heat Check Gaming (10)
10 p.m. Kings Guard Gaming (8) Magic Gaming (9)


Saturday, June 9  
12 p.m. Quarterfinal 1 (Winner of 4 p.m. game vs. Winner of 10 p.m. game)
1 p.m. Quarterfinal 2 (Winner of 3 p.m. game vs. Winner of 9 p.m. game)
2 p.m. Quarterfinal 3 (Winner of 6 p.m. game vs. Winner of 7 p.m. game)
3 p.m. Quarterfinal 4 (Winner of 5 p.m. game vs. Winner of 8 p.m. game)
4 p.m. Semifinals (Quarterfinal 1 vs. Quarterfinal 3)
5 p.m. Semifinals (Quarterfinal 2 vs. Quarterfinal 4)
6 p.m. Finals