NBA Board of Governors approves five rules changes for 2011-12 season

NEW YORK – The NBA announced today that the league’s Board of Governors has approved several changes to the playing rules effective with the 2011-12 season. The modifications include:

  • All 24-second shot clocks will display tenths of a second when less than five seconds remain on the 24-second clock.
  • In order to avoid disruptions, instant replay reviews no longer will be conducted during 20-second timeouts prior to the final mandatory timeout in the fourth period. Previously, instant replay reviews could be conducted during any timeout (20-second or full) or period break.  As before, once the final mandatory timeout occurs in the fourth period, instant replay reviews are conducted at the next stoppage in play.
  • During the last two minutes of regulation play and of any overtime period, if a team requests a timeout and, separately, officials determine they must conduct an instant replay review that might result in a scoring or possession change, the officials will first conduct the instant replay review and, pending the outcome of the review, the team that requested the timeout may reinstate, or withdraw, its request for a timeout.
  • During the first of two free throws (or first and second of three), a player entering the lane and continuing to move while the shooter is in the act of shooting will be considered disconcertion.
  • To save time and improve the flow of the game, during free throws, a substitute may only enter the game prior to the last free throw that will remain in play (e.g., before the second free throw of a two-shot penalty that will remain in play) or after the final free throw that will not remain in play (e.g., after a free throw for a technical foul) unless necessitated by disqualification, injury or ejection. Under the previous rules, a substitute could enter the game prior to any free throw attempt and/or after a free throw attempt that will not remain in play.