StatsCube to provide fans and media with access to NBA’s official analysis and statistical tool

NEW YORK, April 20, 2011 – NBA Digital today announced the launch of StatsCube, the official analysis tool of the NBA that will provide fans and media with access to exclusive statistics of every game from the NBA regular season and throughout the entire 2011 NBA Playoffs.

The one-of-a-kind tool, currently utilized by NBA teams, NBA Digital assets, and the league’s broadcast partners ABC, ESPN and TNT, will allow fans and media on to navigate an easy-to-use interactive application to develop deep, custom analysis on NBA players, teams, and matchups. StatsCube ( is developed from the official NBA play-by-play data that is tracked courtside during every game.  Throughout the 2011 NBA Playoffs, StatsCube will provide access to:

Team vs. Player Statistics:

See how the performance of one player, can affect the performance of an entire team.  Is one player really the key to whether a team wins or loses?  How does a player’s presence on the court impact an opponent?

  • Philadelphia 76ers vs. LeBron James – StatsCube: During the season, the 76ers shot 42.4% and rebounded 44.7% of available missed shots with James on the court.  With James on the bench, the 76ers shot 63.2% and rebounded 57.1% of available missed shots.

 Advanced Player Statistics:

Access how your favorite player performs overall, and during specific situations, against other teams including at home, on the road, and if he delivers in the clutch.

  • Kyle Korver in the Clutch – StatsCube: Kyle Korver of the Chicago Bulls made two clutch 3-point baskets during Games 1 and 2 against the Indiana Pacers. During the regular season, Korver led the NBA in *clutch 3-point percentage at 46.2% (12-for-26).

*Clutch – 4th quarter or any Overtime; 5 minutes or less remaining and Score Margin of 5 points or less (Minimum 20 clutch 3-point attempts).

Player vs. Player Statistics:

See how NBA players perform together, or head-to-head. StatsCube analysis goes deeper than overall game statistic summaries, and looks at when the players were actually on the floor together.

  • Hornets’ Chris Paul vs. Lakers’ Derek Fisher – StatsCube: Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets shot 48.3% (scoring 11.8 points per 36 minutes) in four regular season games against the Lakers this season with Derek Fisher on the court. When Fisher was on the bench, Paul’s shooting percentage increased to 75.0% and he scored nearly twice as often (22.5 points per 36 minutes).

During Game 1, in 34 minutes with Fisher on the court, Paul shot 10-for-16 (62.5%) and made 9 free throws for 31 of his 33 total points (32.8 points per 36 minutes).

Team vs. Team Statistics:

Match up two NBA teams to find the real statistical story on which team wins, and why? StatsCube offers complete statistics on the two teams against each other during the season.

  • Chicago vs. Indiana – StatsCube: In going 3-1 vs. the Pacers this season, the Bulls held their first round playoff opponent to 88.4 points per 48 minutes (99.3 season avg.), 38% field goal percentage (44.2% season avg.) and a *Net Rating of -13.32 (-1.51 season avg.).

*Net Rating – team point differential per 100 possessions                       

Lineup Comparison:

Take a look at every NBA teams’ most frequently used and successful lineups, and how they played during the season.  Compare any lineup to the overall league average.

  • San Antonio Spurs & Memphis Grizzlies Lineups – StatsCube: In winning 61 games, of the Spurs’ 14 most commonly used lineups, 13 outscored their opponents during the regular season.
  • The Grizzlies’ most frequent lineup during the season of Mike Conley, Tony Allen, Sam Young, Zach Randolph, and Marc Gasol had a 107.69 Offensive Rating*, and 96.87 Defensive Rating**.

*Offensive Rating – team points scored per 100 possessions

**Defensive Rating – team points allowed per 100 possessions

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