NBA relaunches expanded Video Rulebook on NBA Official

NEW YORK – The NBA has relaunched its Video Rulebook microsite to serve as a resource to teams, media and fans with an explanation of the rules of the game through videos selected from NBA games, the league announced today.

The Video Rulebook has been expanded to offer a deeper look at some of the game’s most misunderstood rules and violations. Each video contains detailed descriptions and explanations of plays.

Highlights of the new microsite include:

• More than 450 new video examples with enhanced video.

• A new Points of Education category, which contains dozens of video examples of all the current season’s POE’s.

• More than two dozen new categories and sub-categories.

• A new Key Word Search box.

• A link to an Educational Videos archive page, containing numerous League Operations Rules videos produced over the last few seasons.

• An updated Home Page with new images and links to additional educational material.

To view the new and improved Video Rulebook, click here.